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The Greene County Tax Office also administers the Geographic Information System (GIS) for the County.

A Geographic Information System is a computerized system that brings together maps and non-map information together to create intelligent maps. In a county GIS information such as: land surveys, tax parcels, crime incidents, transportation systems, land cover, land elevations, water and sewer lines, streams, and many others can be stored in separate spatial data layers. Up to 80% of the average local government's work can involve land or geographically referenced tasks.

Recent GIS efforts in Greene County included the conversion of over 11,000 tax parcels to digital form, the creation of a Greene County GEOData DVD, the implementation of crime mapping in the Sheriff's Department, and a transportation planning tool for the Transportation Department.


Online GIS Maps and Parcel Inquiry

Search by Parcel ID, Owner, Address, or Deed.

Printable Property Record Cards are available through the site.

Public training sessions on how to use the application can be scheduled if there is sufficient interest.  Contact the Greene County GIS Coordinator to express interest and be notified when such sessions are scheduled.


Greene GeoData DVD

The Greene County GeoData DVD is currently available.  The DVD includes Greene County GIS Data and ArcReader software to run the data.  Current users may update their data by going to the GIS Data Downloads page.  Please contact the Greene County GIS Coordinator, for more information at (252) 747-4398.


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