Children's Services

Child Health:

This clinic provides preventive and primary care services to infants and children as a means of preventing mortality and morbidity (injuries, diseases, malnutrition, chronic illness, lead poisoning and developmental delays). Some of the services provided by this clinic include immunizations, physical exams and assessments, hearing and vision screenings, lead testing, sickle cell testing, health education, and kindergarten assessments. Health education covers growth and development, parenting skills, home and car safety and newborn care.

Child Service Coordination (CSC):

This program provides formal case management services to eligible children at risk or diagnosed with special needs. CSC identifies and provides access to need preventive and specialized support services for children and their families through collaboration. This program is family-centered and family-driven and seeks to respond to the identification and referral, enrollment, assessment of family strengths and concerns and the child's development, assessment of parent/child interaction, development of care coordination plan, follow-up, and evaluation.