Disease Management

Communicable Disease:

This program monitors, treats, screens, and conducts surveillance to eradicate communicable diseases among the citizens of Greene County. Services are provided through immunization, prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), detection and control of Tuberculosis (TB) and prevention and treatment of other vaccine preventable diseases and outbreaks of other communicable diseases. Health education covers education about STDs including chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and herpes. Confidential HIV testing and counseling at no charge is also provided.

TB Control (Tuberculosis):

This program provides supervision and control of an at-risk population in Greene County through diagnostic exams, evaluation of current status, treatment for disease and/or prevention, and referral as appropriate.

TB Medical:

This program provides the medical consultant services for the Tuberculosis (TB Control) program and diagnostic exams, which may include x-rays and laboratory tests.


The goal of this program is to eliminate cases of vaccine-preventable diseases. Childhood immunizations such as Varicella (chickenpox), IPV (injectable polio vaccine), DtaP (meningitis) are provided free of charge. Other immunizations provided at nominal fees includes, flu, pneumonia, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, rabies, etc.


This program provides access to bioterrorism and infectious disease surveillance, outbreak and investigation training because the risk of possible attack on U.S. soil using biological agents exists and may be increasing due to the U.S. attack on Iraq.