Women's Services

WIC Client Services:

WIC is a Food and Nutrition Program for Women, Infant, and Children funded by the United States Department of Agriculture. This program provides free supplemental food vouchers to low-income pregnant, postpartum and/or breastfeeding women, as well as infants and children up to age five. Vouchers can be used to purchase milk, cereal, eggs, juice, cheese, beans, peas, and peanut better (depending upon individual needs).

WIC Administration (WIC Expense):

This program is the cost component of providing WIC Client Services, WIC Nutrition Education and Breastfeeding Education services. Examples of these costs include administrative records maintenance, legal/financial services, fraud prevention, audits, and vendor activities such as training, monitoring and revalidation.

WIC Nutrition Education:

This program is an integral part of the WIC Program and provides nutrition education at no cost to all WIC participants and caretakers about health, diet, and the harmful effects of substance use. Nutrition education is tailored to the needs, interest, experiences, and capabilities and lifestyles of the individual participant/caretaker.


This program is another integral part of the WIC Program and provides educational and support activities to promote breastfeeding. This program provides breast-feeding supplies, and loans breast pumps at no cost to participants.

Family Planning (Women's Health Services):

This program serves female and male clients, assisting them with meeting their family planning and reproductive health needs.  Nurses and Nurse Practitioners provide physical examinations including breast exams; pap smears; pregnancy, STD, and HIV testing; and education regarding available contraceptive methods, including emergency contraception, or other pertinent reproductive issues.  Family planning services play an essential role in improving women's health and reducing infant morbidity and mortality.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program (BCCCP):

This program is also an adult health service that promotes the detection of breast and cervical cancer at earlier more treatable stages through education, mammography screenings, and pap smears.

Maternity Care Coordination:

The Maternity Care Coordination program provides formal case management to eligible women during and after pregnancy and intervention as early in pregnancy as possible to promote health pregnancy and positive forth outcomes. Services provided include: outreach, recruitment, assessment, service planning, coordination and referral, follow-up, monitoring, education and counseling.